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As an Aussie student, it’s almost inevitable that at some point you will choose to buy essays. As the pressure mounts, even the most dedicated student can struggle to keep up with the constant barrage of work thrown at them.

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This is when many students decide it’s time to pay someone to write my essay for me. You will find many an online essay writing service – try it; Google essay service Australia – see what we mean So, how do you decide which of those paid essay writing services is the top choice for you?

That’s a good question. Not every Australian essay writing service is created equal. Some will try to scam you and send you less than stellar work. Others will hugely over charge you. And others will be a fantastic writing service, but aren’t specifically catering to Australian students.

That’s where comes in. We can help you find the best essay writing service Australia for you!

Top Essay Writing Services – Points to Consider

If you choose to select your Oz essay service yourself, here are some key things to consider before you say “write my essays”:

  • Does The Essay Service Provide Custom Essay Writing?

It’s important that you check this, otherwise, you are opening yourself up for your professor failing you on the grounds of plagiarism. Don’t forget how easy it is to check for plagiarism through online software. Every college and university in the AU uses online plagiarism checkers.

  • Is The Pricing and How to Buy Essay Instruction Clear?

essay writing services pricing

If a company isn’t forthcoming on exactly how their pricing works, then it could be because they have something to hide. Maybe they will over charge you. Maybe there will be hidden fees and extra charges down the line. Whatever it is, don’t even consider the idea to buy college essay until you know exactly how much it will cost you.

And make sure the instructions for how to order essay writing are clear and concise. If they sound overly complicated, again this could be a front meant to leave you confused so when they hit you with extra charges just to have a usable paper, you won’t really be sure whether or not that was disclosed before you ordered the paper.

  • Does the Website Have Customer Reviews Available?

If it doesn’t, that’s another red flag. Why wouldn’t you want your customers to share their experiences? If it does, have a read of them and make sure their past customers have been happy with the service they’ve received.

  • Does The Essay Writing Service Use Professional Writers?

team of essay writers

Firstly, check to make sure you can actually view the writers and their profiles and stats. If you can, then check that they are academic writers who are qualified to at least an undergraduate level. Ideally, their academic qualifications should be from a university in Australia. Not only should they be academically qualified to ensure they are an expert in their subject, they should also be a professional essay writer – writing isn’t everyone’s natural skill and just because someone has a degree, doesn’t necessarily make them a good writer.

Of course this list isn’t exhaustive and there are many more elements to look out for, but those will give you a good idea as to how reliable a company is.

Best Place to Buy Essay Services Online

But what if you don’t want to waste precious time researching a multitude of essay services in Australia.

If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place, because Write My Australia has spent the time researching every college essay writing service we can find and ranking them based on all of the variables you need to consider when choosing who to use for essay help Australia.

Any company offering Australian writings that you find in our database has been thoroughly vetted by our team to ensure they are legit. They have all performed highly in the following criteria sections:

Last Minute Essay Writing Services in Australia

Can you imagine how utterly frustrating it must be to buy an essay online because you have an urgent deadline to meet and then have the company you choose miss it?

Many students use custom essay writing services because a last minute deadline has crept up on them, and we only want to include writing services in our database that can handle these situations. Any site offering help with essay writing that you find here will offer at least 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, one day, two days, a week 10 days and 14 days as delivery options. And they will hit those delivery deadlines.

urgent custom essay writing delivery

We only list services whose online essay writers have a sense of urgency and can write well under pressure, delivering your papers fast without compromising on the quality of the research and the writing.

University and College Essay Writing Services Reviews

We believe that good essay writing services for hire operate across a range of subjects and topics. If a writing services company is good at what they do, they fast become established and attract high quality writers across all subjects. A good range of subjects is a good indication that the company is doing things the right way.

All of the sites you will find in our database cover these subjects as a minimum:

  • The Sciences – Including Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Natural Science, Political science and Astronomy
  • Finance – Including E-commerce, Accounting, Investments and Economics
  • Media – Including Movies and Advertising
  • Art – Including Theatre, Paintings, Architecture, Literature and Music
  • IT – Including Ruby on rails and JavaScript
  • Social Sciences – Including Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy
  • Business – Including Marketing, Communications, Logistics, Management, Trade, Strategy, and Public relations
  • English – Including Literature and Journalism
  • Engineering – Including Mathematics, Statistics and Technology
  • Healthcare – Including Nursing, Medicine and Pathogenesis of disease
  • The Humanities – Including Geography, History, Agriculture, and Geology
  • Law – Including all aspects of the law and how to practice it
  • Pedagogy – For all levels

Essay Services for Every Student of College or University

Imagine finding a site that offers the most amazing Australian writings. It is an affordable essay service to help you with college essays. Their urgent essay help ensured you hit your deadline and their help with essay writing got you a fantastic grade.

You think that it’s the only place to do my essay for me. You go back a week or so later and say type my essay, but you get a message back saying we can’t offer essay help with that kind of assignment. Imagine that awful feeling when you realise you are once again trawling the internet looking for essay writing services for hire. It wouldn’t be a good feeling to say the least – you might even end up so frustrated you pump for the cheapest essay help, which doesn’t get you the best essays.

professional essay help for graduation students

That is why any site you find on write my australia’s database will have been vetted to ensure they provide the following essay types (the ones we have found that most students require regularly) as a minimum:

  • Narrative essay
  • Descriptive essay
  • Expository essay
  • Persuasive essay
  • Compare and contrast essay
  • Argumentative essay
  • Definition essay
  • Cause and effect essay
  • Critical essay
  • Argumentative essay

The sites will also be able to provide:

  • An essay outline if you just want a guide to work from
  • Admission essay to get you an interview at the university of your dreams
  • Mathematical and statistical calculations and data analysis

They will be able to correctly cite their sources in the body of text to deliver a powerful essay that won’t be plagiarised.

They will provide 500 word essays all the way up to 50,000 word essays.

Custom Essay Writing Services for Students of Australia

When you get essays for money, it’s easy to assume that because the writer has excellent credentials that you will get high grades. Although the credentials are a good indicator of someone you would want to buy an essay online from, there’s a little more to it than just being qualified.

Each country has its own marking criteria, and lastly, and perhaps most importantly, any site you find in our database and pay for essay from will have essay for sale that specifically work with the Australian system.

The sites we list only have native English speakers to give you help with essays and specifically mention that they cater to the following Australian states:

  1. Australian Capital Territory (ACT) – Specifically mentions Canberra
  2. Western Australia (WA) – Specifically mentions both Perth and Albany
  3. South Australia (SA) – Specifically mentions Adelaide
  4. New South Wales (NSW) – Specifically mentions both Sydney and Wollongong
  5. Queensland (QLD) – Specifically mentions both Brisbane and the Gold Coast
  6. Victoria (VIC) – Specifically mentions Melbourne

Although we have listed the cities specifically mentioned, the marking criteria is the same within each state, so if you are studying in an institution in a smaller town, you will still be covered that way of you mention your state at the point of ordering.

All of the sites we list have a good, ongoing internal training program in effect which keeps all of the writers they employ up to date on educational trends and changes to the marking system and citation systems to ensure that any changes are promptly noted and put into effect.

top essay writing services for Australian students

Using any of the sites we list at will mean that you can relax knowing that you are in professional hands and won’t be let down. You will receive a good quality paper, tailor written to you and your state’s guidelines that will be on time.

View our database to choose who to use for essay help now!

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